Welcome to Janvi Farms

Janvi Farms Company is registered farm producer and planter of pineapple under the law of Government that is supplying fresh Pineapple in local and for export fruit with quality standards as per client requirement. We provide service to our client from where part are they satisfied and to prolong the relationship with and to establish unending partnership with them. Our working attitude is one of our service that we can offer well to our client. We are set-up company with complete mobilization in terms of transportation, associate that will monitor quality during operation and office staff. We value and promote harmonious relationship with our employee as they are part of the success of our company.

A Message from the CEO

Ever since the establishment, we have endeavored to contribute to the prosperity of our clients.
Today, uncertainty about the global economy is widespread. By viewing changes in our environment as business opportunities, we remain firm in our commitment to developing and formulating innovative proposals unique to our company.
In addition to fulfilling our social responsibilities, our employees continue to focus all of our corporate resources to provide professional services to meet our client needs. To that end, we would like to ask for your continued support and patronage to help us serve all our clients.